Ashayer aims to empower young girls and women of nomadic tribes across Iran to be self-reliant. Women’s opportunities to participate in the economy are severely curtailed in many areas by traditional expectations. We educate and collaborate with young girls and women by encouraging them to make beautiful handicrafts. Ashayer travels across the country to raise awareness and provide opportunities. We are excited to see young girls and women find new purpose and self-esteem by starting their own small businesses.



Kurdi Totes

Kurdi Tote

Handwoven wool

Small: 35cm by 35cm

Large: 45cm by 40cm

Made by nomads of Kurdistan

Qashqai Shawl

Qashqai Textile

Handwoven cotton

Size: 160cm by 90cm

Made by Qashqai nomads of Shiraz


Yazdi Ikat Throw

Various Sizes

Made by nomads of Yazd