Mind Full of Pato

Staring at Pato’s images, you can really get lost and go deeper and deeper into his stories. They evoke passion and a cultural richness inherent in his chic personal style. Exploring the charm of his surreal set designs, the various walks of life and self portraits, leaves a sense of overwhelming pull. Every image waiting to jump out and guide your imagination. No one creates an illusion quite like Pato Rivero! If images could speak, his would wittingly and poetically tell a thousand and one stories.


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Born in Tucuman, Argentina, Pato Rivero studied graphic design in his hometown and then moved to Buenos Aires, where he became a professional photographer at the School of Creative Photography. He is a self-taught lover of music, drawing and painting. Rivero is continuously investigating and studying these arts, combining them effectively in the composition of an image, with intuitive handling of lighting and color, and a unique form of post-production. Rivero worked for Sony Music and Channel 9 in Buenos Aires. Today, he is photography editor for OLV El Mundo del Olivo magazine worldwide. He has been published in several London publications such as Kontraplan, The Pandorian, Bluetramontana Style and Huffington Post, as well as Normal Magazine, in France. Also, in several Argentinian publications such as La Nación Revista (LNR).

For more of Pato’s work: https://darb44.com/album/pato-rivero/

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