I Am Soheila

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Soheila Sokhanvari is my newest artist fever. She conveys a specific type of radical, an altered way of thinking that sets her apart from the rest. I’ve encountered passion, energy, and a rare intellectual approach to her art. In her sphere of esthetic, she interconnects people, time and places. Tehran’s sex slaves of a bygone era have never been explored so intricately as subjects of art. Soheila continues her rise and never ceases to shape our minds. I look anxiously forward to the synergies she will bring to the art world again and again. I have picked out her newest work which fills all the gaps between my perception of what it was and what it is now.


Soheila was born in Iran and now lives in Cambridge, England. She studied Art at Goldsmiths, University of London and has been a studio artist at Wysing Arts Center since 2013 and has exhibited extensively throughout the world.

For more of Soheila’s work: https://darb44.com/album/soheila-sokhanvari/

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