Atlantis Again

A parallel to a better Iran – discovered, or maybe just a dream of a utopia once desired by Plato. It is clear that Atlantis is a parable regarding the need for virtuous government and people. As Plato once said, we all would like that sometime, somewhere, there was or is or will be a nice utopia but unfortunately that is all Atlantis is, a tale of utopia.
The work takes multiple stages from abstract painting in acrylic to scavenged old photographs of demolished iconic monuments, mainly the hundreds of gates to the city of Tehran to the intricate flat printing over the painting.


4 268x300 - Atlantis Again          2 271x300 - Atlantis Again


Neda Nickzad is a self taught contemporary artist. She is looking forward to future exhibitions around the globe but for now she is on the hunt for a new wave of artists, up and coming and established that understand her passion for illuminating and disruptive art.

For more of Neda’s work: https://darb44.com/album/neda-nickzad/

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