401 days in Armenia

The greater the work the less it can be explained in words. In this case no words, NONE!

Kevork George Kassabian hails from Yerevan, Armenia. His solo exhibition, 401 days, opened to a frenzy of who is who of the Armenian art world.  Moved by his work, I feel responsible to praise and celebrate with you this marvelous artist whom I now represent at darb44.  Speaking with him recently he has assured me of new projects that consist of new approaches in art concepts that will be a big hit in the sculpture world. But for now, to put my famous tongue in my less famous cheek, enjoy the bevy of titillating ladies parts!


IMG 67651 300x148 - 401 days in Armenia     DSC 1183 300x200 - 401 days in Armenia

Kevork’s original training was engineering and computer science, followed by the study of fine arts at the University of Western Ontario in painting, sculpture and screen printing.
His background in science has strongly influenced his Art. The choice of materials and the process emerges from that experience. He is fascinated by dots, lines and clean surfaces. New experiments in art have always been of a great challenge for him. For years he was attracted to Titanium and Copper, these two materials have great impact on his being. In these paintings he uses copper as lines and dots (rivets), combining them with lines and clean surfaces with minimum use of color.

For more of Kevork’s work: https://darb44.com/album/kevork-george-kassabian/

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