Transcendent Tales

The whole idea behind graphic novels is to be able to tell a story with illustrations and to find the right balance and dialogue and narration to include so you don’t detract from the flow of the storytelling. Sahar Khorasani’s art does exactly that. Her work evokes my childhood memories of the Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings. Sahar illustrates her stories in a thousand intricate and beautiful artistic flourishing. She fuses classic Persian art and modern collage-esque sensibilities.

My primary motivation is to share her tales with the world, anime fantasy buffs, and the youth of ongoing Persian diaspora looking to connect with their cultural traditions. Sahar is a gifted artist and her illustrations are simply beautiful. She blends artistic styles across the Near East and adds her mélange of assorted traditional Persian styles.


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Sahar Khorasani is an established Iranian artist. She has graduated with a B.A. in painting and has received a M.A. in illustration from the Azad University of Tehran. She began her professional career in animation followed by illustration, and is currently designing characters for computer games. In addition, Sahar has taught in several universities. Her work has been exhibited internationally including: Italy, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Dubai, China and the U.S. Her goal for the future is to juxtapose her Eastern miniatures with modern paintings.

For more of Sahar’s work: https://darb44.com/album/sahar-khorasani/

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