Rich Treasury

A selection of artists from the treasury of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. The artists chosen are from the various schools of Abstract Expressionism, Tachisme, Post Painterly Abstract, and Lyrical Abstraction, yet they all share a common thought process based on spontaneity and improvisation.

DSCF1783 300x200 - Rich Treasury

Jackson Pollock

DSCF1763 278x300 - Rich Treasury

Mark Rothko

DSCF1802 300x270 - Rich Treasury

Jean-Paul Riopele

DSCF1816 300x221 - Rich Treasury

Frank Stella

DSCF1750 300x236 - Rich Treasury

Wassily Kandinsky

DSCF1810 183x300 - Rich Treasury

Henry Moore

DSCF1753 233x300 - Rich Treasury

Willem de Kooning

Robert Motherwell at TMOCA 300x217 - Rich Treasury

Robert Motherwell

Paul Jenkins at TMOCA 300x157 - Rich Treasury

Paul Jenkins

John Hoyland at TMOCA 300x167 - Rich Treasury

John Hoyland

Giacometti at TMOCA 189x300 - Rich Treasury

Alberto Giacometti


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