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West Coast to Middle East


West Coast to Middle East


Hushidar Mortezaie’s experience as a fashion designer, stylist and all around creative mind, enlightens how his unique eye finds insight into subjects and lives for his art that are both historical and modern.

Born in Iran but growing up in America, Hushidar was profoundly influenced by the radical style of couture fashion which became his dominant form of expression. A poetic method to societal and economic challenges of life, his work is a conceptual mélange of Persian folklore, gender politics, revolution, propaganda, iconography, celebrities of a bygone era, and above all, the youth of Iran.

Symbols of Iran’s past and future hopes are prevalent in his new body of work in collaboration with young creatives of Iran called The Champion Series (The Pahlavans in Farsi). He tells us, “with all the censorship, rules, and economic chokehold, the children of Iran are ever graceful and never complain. They just find other solutions, go through other channels, and adjust. But they make it happen.” I love how my fellow countryman juxtaposes the past, present, and the future, addressing important issues and drawing our attention to what really goes on in Iran.


hushidar mortezai champion series 252x300 - West Coast to Middle East     hushidar mortezaie pahlevan series 240x300 - West Coast to Middle East     hushidar mortezaie children series 260x300 - West Coast to Middle East


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Hushidar Mortezaie is a multidisciplinary artist navigating through diverse expressions including painting, fashion, design, silk screen, illustration, and photography. After studying fine arts at UC Berkeley, he moved to NYC and became a buyer and boutique curator at the legendary Patricia Fields. In 2017, he launched Silk Road Super online bazaar, an endless source of inspiration from Persian retro-futuristic nostalgia to haute-hijab.

Happy shopping! www.silkroadsuper.com

For more of Hushi’s work: https://darb44.com/album/hushidar-mortezaie/

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