A Knight in Shining Armour

Once upon a time, on a sweltering summer day in Dubai, I took refuge in the cool AC of Ayyam Gallery. Upon entering, I stood frozen in front of a painting, my heart stopped for the heavenly beat that happens when one’s breath has fleetingly been taken away. Motionless in a state of reverie, trying to peel my shoes off the floor, I hear a soft whisper, “it is by Farzad Kohan.” For then I replied, “Hooray for AC and Farzad Kohan.”

Immersed in the painting, I murmured, “What the devil trickery was this!” My childhood memories unfolded in a cinematic spell right in front of my eyes. It was this painting that opened my Pandora’s Box, this magical Persian verse, translated to English as ‘once upon a time,’ was the real refuge I sought.


Farzad’s paintings tapped into my inner history, the one I had locked and thrown away the key. That world of Diaspora that sounded so cliché to me, suddenly felt an aching belonging, a transformation, and finally a concealed narrative was set free. The themes and symbols of identity offered, underlined, and heightened with Persian letters combined with the most luscious paint will forever be branded in my mind; the prelude to my own story to tell.

Farzad is an Iranian artist with endless range in sculpting, painting, and installation. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

Check out his site: www.farzadkohanart.com

Some of my favorites: https://darb44.com/album/farzad-kohan/










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