A Class Act

I just love portrait photographs, they are unique because they reveal at least two people connected in their creation: the sitter and the photographer. Neither dominates the other. Thus the image becomes a bargaining between the two, a tango of events that is a product of collaboration. It is the magic of sparks flying from the sitter to the creator to beholder.

What I usually look for in a photograph are not answers, I want it to ask questions. I want it to lure me to look again and again. I find those questions in Rezania’s work.

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Rezania’s fresh, young and viral photographs celebrate the often misunderstood art of fashion and fine art photography. He transforms heavenly Persian faces into sumptuous regal mortals, as he dangles the carrot of Easternly/Westernaly influences in front of us. To me, his dazzling art unveils so much about Iran’s civilization. I have followed his work for a while as he creates beautiful portraitures, revealing excellence over and over; slaying awards surpassingly. Bravo my friend!

More of his work here:@rezaniaofficial

My favorites: https://darb44.com/album/rezania


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