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Belle of the Ball


Belle of the Ball

Tiff McGinnis a.k.a Grande Dame, a southern girl from Georgia living and creating on the idyllic seashores of St. Leonard’s-On-Sea, England, embarks daily on adventures of hidden treasures and handmade objects. With her insta-fresh works, she is all fire and passion cloaked in a cosmic sense of humor.

Her psychedelic Mecca of interior vignettes, music, illustrations, pop art, textiles, and folk art, just to name a few, embraces cultures and celebrates images to a magical new level and deep into our psyche.

Tiff is a multidisciplinary artist with one of a kind artworks. She is a storyteller with a twisted kaleidoscope of colors who mixes different styles of art genres to beautifully convey the meaning of her story. Her process is labor intensive – starting with animated stories and GIFS, followed by extracting images from her cartoon creations and turning them into prints, paintings, light boxes, fabric designs, embroideries, porcelain and more. This trailblazer, not short of accolades, is well on her way to the top and not afraid to speak her mind.

My favorites: https://darb44.com/album/tiff-mcginnis/

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Instagram: @grandedame





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