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The Wanderluster


The Wanderluster

Where do you guys go where every corner on earth has been seen by gazillion people before you? Is there somewhere new to discover? Honestly, I am all out of places. But there is one person who curiously comes to mind, Chayan Khoi. I always wondered what it would be like to travel with him, imagining we’d unlock some art mystery or excavate an ancient art relic in a far far away land, or as he puts it, “lost worlds.”

Chayan is known for his mysterious, futuristic, apocalyptic images. Photo assemblages he calls cyber realism. He is a globetrotter, culture hunter, archeologist of mysteries, you name it. But today I bring you his travelogues, travel journals, or travel diaries, whatever you want to call it. All I know is that Chayan takes us on a journey beyond our world. He inspires us to fantasize about worlds unseen and the off-the-beaten-tracks that take us there. His diaries transport us without borders. His travelogues take our imagination to distances only a magic carpet can. They are transformative journeys, accounts of his walkabouts in busy streets, his meanderings along the coast or the desert or the steppes of Mongolia maybe.

His encounters with indigenous people, blending in with peoples and cultures are described artfully in these fascinating books. I call him the art explorer. You never know where he will lead you! But for now come with me on a voyage with Chayan.

More of his beautiful works here: https://darb44.com/album/chayan-khoi/

Alice dOrgeval Chayan Khoi LOfficiel Voyage 2014 5 300x198 - The Wanderluster

Alice dOrgeval Chayan Khoi LOfficiel Voyage 2014 4 300x205 - The Wanderluster

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