The Dreamcatcher

A dream catcher style – unspeakably philosophical, sensory avalanche, evocatively fluid, soulful child, but à la fin, she awakens a lightness of being, leaving you weightless, graceful, and delicate.  

Belgin’s oeuvre flows through mediums and painted literature. A distinctive style all her own, she reveals dynamic vignettes of her past, seducing you to look out the window of her train traveling through time. The most important part of art is to invite discussion and this image maker certainly provokes thoughts and asks the right questions; contemplating on gender, race, roots, culture, migration, children in war, nostalgia of home, and the fragility of life. She opens space for elucidation, allowing her viewer to expound on their personality and experiences. 

Her work is intensely emotional, each with its own narrative, influencing our thoughts and persuading the viewer to look deeply into her spiritual world, pushing us into the realm of her dreams. There is mystery, intrigue, melancholy, tenderness, meditation, stillness, longing, desire, wonder, aliveness, romance, peace, and a sense of awe. Everything we so deeply desire in our current state of the world. Like those dream catchers, giving the dreamer pleasant memories, filtering out our bad feelings and allowing good thoughts to enter our conscious mind. Belgin gets our attention through her vulnerability, daring us to gaze at the most emotional and spiritual part of her, while connecting us to her experiences and soulful child stories. 

When looking at an artwork I search for an image with spirit, a current appeal, an explosion along with a sense of adventure and nonconformity from the artist; typically something of the unpredictable. All of this I find in Belgin’s work. She is a veracious explorer. What I feel in her art embodies all those characters I’ve befriended throughout the years in Turkish literature. The Pamuk-esque adolescents who became melancholic lovers and the essence of Hüzün. The Shafak-esque girls coming of age and womanhood dualities in East and West. Belgin’s visual and sound performance, mixed with great panache, has brought me closer to those precious characters from Constantinople’s past. 

In the fullness of time, I consider Belgin an original, a free spirit, a bohemian, and believe in her artistic style candidly. The ultimate aspect and my favorite detail of her work is her ability to express emotions in style and her complete power over her work in connecting abstract and realistic; adeptly fusing the two worlds together and revealing just enough but not entirely for a final effect of enigma and an enduring impression of herself! 

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Instagram: @belginyucelenartist

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